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No Impact Man: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

| Friday August 28th, 2009 | 0 Comments

Colin_Banner[1]There is No Impact Man the blog. There is No Impact Man the book.

And coming soon to a theater near you, there is No Impact Man the documentary, the chronicles of an “extreme” one-year experiment to answer the question, “Is it possible to have a good life without wasting so much?”

The clip drew me in—Colin Beavan, a writer for Business Week, decides to completely eliminate his personal impact on the environment for the next year.

The No Impact Project means eating vegetarian, buying only local food and turning off the refrigerator. It also means no elevators, no television, no cars, buses, or airplanes, no toxic cleaning products, no electricity, no material consumption and no garbage.

Hard enough for one single person,  but complicated by the fact that he and his family live in Manhattan.

A review in Grist explains, “While Beavan gets all the attention and the superhero nickname, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter, Isabella, are dragged along for the un-motorized ride. That’s a good thing for the film, because Conlin (his wife) emerges as the most vivid character for the simple reason that she struggles to make such drastic changes in her life.

Watch the clip and keep your eye out for the movie.  If you are in the Bay Area, Beavan has several speaking engagements scheduled in mid-September.


Deborah Fleischer, founder and president of Green Impact, a strategic environmental consulting practice that helps companies identify key environmental issues, strengthen their relationships with stakeholders, develop profitable green initiatives and communicate their successes and challenges.  You can follow her occasional tweet @GreenImpact.


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