Pee in the Shower: Save the Rainforest.

pee in the showerSOS Mata Atlantica Foundation, a Brazilian non-profit organization, is currently running a TV campaign encouraging viewers to save the Atlantic rainforest by peeing in the shower. Their kid-oriented commercial shows recognizable silhouettes, from King Kong to what appears to be Gandhi (really?), reducing their water usage by, uh, making some “rain” of their own in unusual places.

What does urination location have to with saving rainforests? The group says that by avoiding one toilet flush each day, an average household can save up to 4,380 liters (1,157 gallons) of water annually. They don’t even mention the amount of toilet paper saved, or maybe they do, I don’t speak Portuguese.

This seems like it would make a big difference if everyone didn’t already pee in the shower anyway. Don’t they? Perhaps I’m getting a little too personal, but I’m a big fan of peeing in the shower. Something about the reaction of hot water on my skin, like that old sleepover trick when you dip someone’s hand in a bowl of hot water to make them wet their sleeping bag. But I digress. It’s a cute commercial and a fun way to help kids feel like they can contribute to the preservation of the rainforests. Next time I pee in the shower, I’ll pretend it’s for the SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation, and not because of the large cup of coffee I drank.

Watch the strange but adorable TV spot, “Xixi no Banho” here:

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