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CO2 Is Green, Because We All Need CO2

| Tuesday September 29th, 2009 | 0 Comments

Remember the ads produced by the competitive enterprise institute touting CO2 as “life”. Well, here we go again:

It’s pretty amazing that people would spend their hard earned money producing videos like the one above. In this case it’s Houston gas man H. Leighton Steward messing with the minds of voters in Montana and New Mexico. The idea: To derail any climate change legislation currently in the Senate.

As usual, these things would be funny if you saw them in the Onion, or in a Paul Verhoeven film, but it’s not so funny when you see it dumped on people in the real world. Many business now favor climate change action – partly for common sense moral reasons, but also because action on climate change and the economic restructuring it requires represents a tremendous business opportunity. There’s even a pro-business rally in DC next week on the matter. Only a gas man with his head stuck in very oily sand could fail to see that.


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