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BizTechDay: Helping Start-ups Succeed

| Tuesday October 20th, 2009 | 2 Comments

BizTechDay_newLater this week I’ll be writing from BizTechDay, which is billed as the most powerful entrepreneur and small business conference.  Two days long, the schedule is jam-packed with successful entrepreneurial speakers.  I’ve recently joined a start-up, Viv, and naturally have loads of questions about launching and building a business that I hope will be answered.

With so many start-ups failing, I’m excited to learn from leaders of some who’ve succeeded.  The conference is broken into 3 tracks: fundraising, social media, and marketing/selling, all of which pertain to your start-up or small business.

While this conference doesn’t bear an explicit sustainability focus, I would argue that entrepreneurs with a leaning towards doing good need to learn these lessons more than the rest, to enable maximum uptake and maximum impact.  There are very few businesses with killer value propositions that also solve environmental and/or social problems.  Those that do are among my favorite businesses of all time (e.g. RecycleBank, TerraCycle, Shorebank etc).

I’m personally excited to learn from folks like Tim Ferriss, author of “4 Hour Work Week” a book which I am constantly talking about and so far unable to apply to my life; Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.com; and Matt Mullenwegg, founder of WordPress.com.  While most of the speakers have not created traditionally “green” businesses, they have delivered significant value.  Digg and WordPress for example make blogging on TriplePundit a whole lot better, if not possible.  For me to espouse my opinions on sustainability and social enterprise, I require certain tools and folks like Rose and Mullenwegg make that possible.  They are creating a platform for the sharing of ideas, which is perhaps more valuable than many green busiensses.   Joel Comm, creator of the iFart App will also be there.  I can’t argue the same there…

Also, I always love to look for sustainabilty trends in how conferences are held.  BizTechDay has its own iPhone app which can replace the program, built by eNovaLink.  I expect to see this happening more and more.

Maybe I will see you there?  Tickets are still on sale here.  If you don’t plan to attend, let me know – what do you struggle with starting your small business?  What questions would you ask if you were there?


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  • http://www.ecojoekits.com Cindy Lin

    Hi Amie

    I stumbled upon your blog from the http://www.greenbusinesssantacruz.com/ site. I am thrilled you will be writing from BizTechDay. I will be live tweeting for the event. I look forward to meet you on Thursday!


  • http://www.zippgo.com Ash Sud

    Hi Amie,

    I will also be at the BiZTechDay event in Burlingame and am looking forward to hearing from all the great speakers. I think Craig Newmark has done so much for sustainability and reduction of waste with his site, Craigslist. Let’s chat tomorrow.

    Ash Sud
    Web: http://www.ZippGo.com
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zippgo