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It’s a Wrap: Amazon Launches Frustration-Free Packaging Certification Program

Jace Shoemaker-Galloway | Friday November 20th, 2009 | 0 Comments

PackagesGraphicNothing is more frustrating than trying to remove a newly purchased item from its super-strong packaging.  You pull and you tug, you rip and you cut, but no matter how hard you try, the packaging just won’t budge!  Whether it’s a brand new DVD, a new electronic gadget, a child’s toy or a box of your favorite crackers, trying to get that new product out of the package can be hard work!

Amazon has developed a much-appreciated initiative designed to alleviate consumer “wrap rage” and packaging frustration.   While the Amazon products remain the same, the packaging is dramatically different.

Amazon products that carry the new Frustration-Free Packaging Certification seal, are not only easy to open, but the products are housed in recyclable materials as well.  Those annoying plastic clamshell cases and frustrating wire ties are no longer used in the packaging. Instead, products are housed in recycled cardboard boxes that are easy to open.  And the new streamlined packaging is designed to be opened without the use of a knife or box-cutter!

The eco-conscious program also cuts down on excess and wasteful packaging. A specialized software program determines the proper proportions needed for each product, ensuring the items are shipped in a correctly-sized box, reducing excess waste. And finally, products are shipped in one box, instead of several.

And just in time for the holiday season, you can still ship an item as a gift by clicking the “Gift Wrap” option during the check-out process. The product will be gift-wrapped and sent in an additional box.

While Amazon plans to offer all of its products in the new easy-to-use packaging at some point in the future, more than 350 items are currently packaged with the Frustration-Free Packaging.  If your favorite product still uses the traditional, hard-to-open packaging, no worries.  Amazon’s Packaging Feedback program allows customers to suggest products they’d like to see included in the pain-free packaging initiative.

Traditional packaging  just doesn’t “cut it” any longer!  Next time you shop with Amazon, look for the Certified Frustration-Free Packaging seal.  It’s a wrap.

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