SolarClover: Simple and Affordable DIY Residential Rooftop Solar Energy System


solarcloverOne of the greatest barriers of entry for residential solar power systems has been the high cost of installation. And for some, another turn-off is the aesthetic of conventional rooftop panels.  The SolarClover residential rooftop solar energy system, from Armageddon Energy, has been designed to address both issues.  SolarClover is a uniquely-shaped solar panel system with a simple installation process that most homeowners will be able to manage largely on their own, thereby saving on installation fees.

The SolarClover system is expected to be released sometime in 2010.

Designed in a three-leaf pattern, the lightweight SolarClover system will fit on almost any rooftop. Each clover includes three parts – a uniquely designed triangular frame, a mico-inverter and three hexagonal panels.  The unique hexagon design was chosen because the shape is believed to be more efficient and stronger than traditional rectangular panels.

And because the solar cells are coated in Teflon, the SolarClover panels are significantly lighter than traditional solar panels. Each hexagonal panel weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. The panels, which are connected with tabs and slots, have rubber edges, making them easy to handle.   Each roof-ready unit can generate about 400 watts while three of the uniquely-designed units can provide about 1 kilowatt of capacity.

Armageddon Energy was selected as a finalist in the Renewable Energy category at the California Cleantech Open 2009 Competition.  CEO Mark Goldman said, “The Cleantech Open helped Armageddon Energy get off the ground.”  Nearly 300 teams submitted entries in the “world’s largest cleantech business competition.”   Six finalist teams were then chosen to compete in the national competition, which was held earlier this month.

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