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The Greening of Health: Sustainability and Health Converge

| Thursday November 12th, 2009 | 0 Comments

the-learning-forumOne of the subject matters that we’ve been working on covering more often is that of healthcare. Never mind the politics, the working of hospitals, health insurers, company health programs and so-on should be deeply entwined into the conversation on sustainability.

On December 3rd, The Learning Forum is bringing together employee benefits experts, healthcare providers, health insurance executives and others who are focusing on long-term health strategies. The purpose of the meeting is to share ideas and experience on the emerging trends that link sustainability, wellness and productive workplaces.

The all day event will be held at the Institute For the Future in Palo Alto, CA and is limited in size to 20 firms to ensure a private, collegial and candid set of meetings. Attendees will include folks from Humana, the CDC, Burger King, Stanford University Hospitals, Nokia, Ascension Health, Steelcase.

IFTF will present their recently released report, The Greening of Health: The Convergence of Health and Sustainability. The report is said to combine a deep understanding of the global health economy, consumer behavior, health and medical technologies, health care delivery systems, and societal forces to identify and evaluates emerging trends, discontinuities, and innovations in the next three to ten years. It will help organizations work with foresights to develop insights and strategic tools to better position themselves in the marketplace.

Access to the report is for members only, but we’ll have a write up on the event and some of the major themes that emerge from the day. If you or your company are interested in participating directly, visit this link and register as a team or an individual.


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