Happy 5th Anniversary, Triple Pundit

Around this date in 2005, I launched this site as an effort to put a new dialogue online. Barely realizing it until now, Triple Pundit is now an astonishing FIVE years old. (Don’t you love my cheesy banner?)

At the time, the idea of business people talking to environmentalists and social activists was still seen as wishful thinking. The idea that someone might be able to think, simultaneously, about the social, environmental, and financial implications of one’s business just wasn’t mainstream. In 2005, having just started an MBA degree at the newfangled Presidio Graduate School, I was riveted by the potential of this new dialogue and troubled at its lack of widespread acknowledgment.

So I took the conversation to a place I knew best — the Internet. Triple Pundit originally started as a personal project to describe and track my experiences moving through a “sustainable” MBA program, but it quickly became a group project, and over the years turned into a real enterprise in its own right, thanks to the outstanding work of our many contributors and the enthusiasm and input of our readers.

In the past five years, we’ve seen the recognition of “sustainability” as a mainstream concept. We’ve seen climate change accepted as fact and a real problem to which business must respond. We’ve seen “green” go from a whisper, to a trend, to a full blown greenwashed fad, to an integral and permanent part of the soul of many companies. We’ve challenged the definition of sustainability, but still don’t have a better word. Politicians have come and gone with some interesting changes, but the recognition, by business, of its greater role in the world at large, beyond the narrow focus of the financial bottom line, has finally become mainstream. We’re living in interesting times…

For the next few weeks, we’re going to run a series of posts celebrating our 5th anniversary. I’ll be reflecting on how certain issues have evolved over the last five years, we’ll hear from some of our venerable authors on posts they’ve made in the past, and we’ll do some follow up pieces on ideas and companies who have come a long way in the past half-decade.

Hope you enjoy the fun!

Nick Aster is a new media architect and the founder of TriplePundit.com

TriplePundit.com has since grown to become one of the web's leading sources of news and ideas on how business can be used to make the world a better place.

Prior to TriplePundit Nick worked for Mother Jones magazine, successfully re-launching the magazine's online presence. He worked for TreeHugger.com, managing the technical side of the publication for 3 years and has also been an active consultant for individuals and companies entering the world of micro-publishing. He earned his stripes working for Gawker Media and Moreover Technologies in the early days of blogging.

Nick holds an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio School of Management and graduated with a BA in History from Washington University in St. Louis.