New Leaf Paper Launches Online Eco Audit Calculator

According to the Environmental Paper Network, choices about paper use and selection are the most significant decisions one can make to impact the planet. Printing double-sided, or, better yet, not printing at all, can hugely reduce environmental footprint. But until the world decides to go 100 percent digital, paper is a necessity. When it comes to creating paper with the least impact on the environment, New Leaf Paper is leading the pack.

Continuing in its tradition of pioneering the sustainable paper industry, New Leaf has launched an online Eco Audit calculator. This tool helps New Leaf customers and their clients share the environmental benefits of using post-consumer recycled paper instead of virgin paper. New Leaf has offered this tool offline for the last ten years, providing print-ready, customized Eco Audit for their customers. While New Leaf Paper has more than eight million Eco Audits in circulation, this is the first time that customers have the online tools for their own use.

The Eco Audit shows clearly the amount of trees, water, energy, waste and greenhouse gasses saved by printing on New Leaf paper. Numbers are validated by Environmental Defense Fund & Paper Task Force. This tangible illustration of a company’s environmental stewardship is not only beneficial for the brand, it also publicizes the major impact that virgin fiber can have on the planet.

According to Jeff Mendelsohn, CEO of New Leaf Paper, “Today, an estimated 85 percent of the world’s global paper use is made using virgin fiber. The deforestation caused by harvesting virgin fiber is devastating to the world’s natural resources, and results in wasted paper clogging up landfills.”

Each New Leaf Paper Eco Audit is specific and particular to the paper used for a particular print run. For example, when the fifth book in the Harry Potter series, Order of the Phoenix, was released in Canada, it included a New Leaf Paper Eco Audit. That statement indicated that the print run of 950,000 copies resulted in the savings of 29,600 trees, 12.4 million gallons of water, 20,300 BTUs of energy, 1.4 million pounds of solid waste, and 2.7 million pounds of greenhouse gases.

Audrey is a freelance copywriter. She has worked with every kind of company, helping them to communicate their message of sustainability. Careful to never greenwash, Audrey believes that transparency in marketing is just as important as branding. And that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive. When she's not blogging, marketing sustainability or writing radio commercials for Chinese food, you can find Audrey rock-climbing, riding her bike around San Francisco, or looking for work (she's available for hire, call now!)