Once its Time Has Come (and Gone), Toss this Watch in the Compost

For all you watch fanatics–you know who you are, you compulsively watch the watch shows on ShopNBC until all hours and compulsively buy them at the risk of solvency, credit score, marriage and good nutrition–there’s one more to add to the collection: A green watch that’s built with sustainability in mind. This timepiece is almost entirely biodegradable.

Meet Sprout Watches, an eco-friendly watch constructed from at least 86 percent sustainable materials. Each watch is made with naturally biodegradable materials: corn resin case and caseback, bezel, reflector ring, movement holder and buckle closure, certified organic cotton strap, natural bamboo dial, a mineral crystal and a mercury-free battery.

Even better, the packaging is made from at least 80 percent post-consumer materials and is 100 percent recyclable.

The manufacturer is no Mickey Mouse, Johnny-come-lately to the world of watchmaking. E. Gluck Corporation has been making timepieces for more than 50 years.

“Our strength as a company comes from an invaluable knowledge, technical expertise and a real passion for the traditions of watch making,” says senior vice president Jerry Dikowitz in a PR News release. “Looking ahead to a greener future for our company and our planet we asked the simple question, ‘How can we make a greener watch for greener times?’”

Sprout watches are an official sponsor of earthday.net and will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by taking part in efforts to promote and support earth friendly, sustainable practices.

If you’re in Washington, D.C. (or not) The E. Gluck Corporation invites you to see what the deal is about April 23 through the 25 at the National Mall; Sprout Watches will also participate at the Grand Central Earth Day fair in New York City on April 23 and 24.

You might recognize some other licensed watch brands from E. Gluck, including AK Anne Klein, Anne Klein New York, Badgley Mischka, JLO by Jennifer Lopez, Lucky Brand, Nine West, along with its proprietary brand, Armitron.

A gimmick? Well, sure. But the Sprout also appeals to the trendy eco-chic fashion set as well as the serious watch collector. It’s also cheap enough to just toss in the compost bin once the battery expires and get another because it would cost more to buy and replace the battery. It’s available through Nordstrom for about $30.00.

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