3p Series: The Social Side of Sustainability

Sustainability is a poorly defined notion. More often than not—and we’re guilty of this, as well—sustainability is talked about in environmental terms. Be it about a company’s footprint from its data centers or the methodology for reporting, we sometimes miss the other two aspects of the bottom line. What sort of pundits would we be if we didn’t look at the social side of sustainability?

Over the course of this next week, and into the rest of May, we’ll feature stories that have a positive impact on people—both here and abroad. The Social Side of Sustainability series will examine the entrepreneurs, organizations, and innovative ideas that foster sustainable growth in developing nations, as well as economic recovery here in the U.S.

As the global economy continues to falter, what role does social entrepreneurship play in development? What sorts of models are the most effective? And can those same models be applied to disaster-stricken areas like New Orleans in the same way as somewhere like Mumbai? Join us as we explore the people portion of the triple bottom line.

Ashwin is an Associate Editor of Triple Pundit. He recently returned to the Bay Area after living in Argentina, where he wholeheartedly missed the Pacific Ocean. He is a freelance editor and media and marketing consultant.After a brief stint working in the wine world, when not staring blankly at a computer screen, you'll find him working on Anand Confections or at 826 Valencia, where he has been a long-time volunteer.