Tremont Electric nPower Aims to Charge Small Devices Kinetically


Triple Pundit is excited to be a media partner for this year’s Sustainable Brands conference in Monterey, CA on June 7-10. This post is part of a showcase for SB10’s Innovation Open – an early stage business competition that brings 11 exciting new ideas to the stage. Be sure to drop by the competition on June 7th.

The nPower PEG

Aaron LeMieux’s technology proposes to change the clean energy economy by making kinetic energy practical for both personal and industrial applications. His company, Tremont Electric‘s first patented offering is a hand-held device they call the “nPower PEG.

The unit, costing roughly $150, stores kinetic energy created simply by walking, jogging, or biking and can then deliver enough juice to recharge a device such as a mobile phone or MP3 player–theoretically forever.

nPower was first conceptualized when Aaron was hiking the Appalachian Trail in 1996, he wanted a way to recharge his radio and CD player without carrying the extra weight of disposable batteries. Along the way, he was struck by the notion that the backpack he carried possessed a significant amount of kinetic energy through the up-and-down movement derived by walking. Why not capture that energy and use it?

The 9 inch PEG is only the first in a long line of kinetic energy products Tremont aims to produce–from larger scale personal devices to commercial grade wave energy systems.

More details will be revealed on June 7th and Triple Pundit will be there to see how it stacks up to the rest of the competition.

[Download a PDF Business Summary Here]

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