Video Interview: Mike Kerwin on Gaining Green Technology Acceptance

Many businesses are finding out the hard way that going green faces significant barriers to implementation from government agencies and utilities slow to accept technology change. In this video interview with Mike Kerwin, a green builder, Kerwin speaks to his experience attempting to be one of the first home builders to incorporate rainwater recapture systems and living roofs into a home’s remodeling:

What makes Kerwin’s interview encouraging are his examples of success like the Gap’s 10 year success having a living roof atop their building.

Mike Kerwin is a tremendous resource on both green building experiences and how to build a brand presence in the growing and maturing market for green technology solutions.

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce.

First Green Business Coach for Founder of EARTH 2017, a website posting economic analysis on disruptive trends impacting communities and businesses. President of NCCT, a consulting company that coaches CEOs and business owners on pricing and marketing best practices proven to win the millennial generation, and their moms, as customers.

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  1. It blows my mind that bureaucrats can be so evil! Yes, it's actually evil to fail to understand this kind of thing and to not do anything about it. Especially in San Francisco. Bravo to Mike for sticking with it!

  2. Thanks Yuri for saying “bravo” to Mike. I wonder readers, do you have other examples of barriers to the adoption of green technologies???

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