Video Interview: Scot Case of Terrachoice – Connecting Green Customers To Credible Products

In our SB10 Video Series, I next turn to greenwashing, one of the major issues today in advertising, in my video interview series. Scot Case of terrachoice has been working on topics of sustainability and credible messaging for 17 years. Scot’s video interview focuses upon the core business question of how to build credible labeling and messaging.

In this video Scot outlines the thirst among consumers for messaging that is: Accurate, Meaningful, and Relevant.Scot’s interview is a must-view for those sensitive to how to position your green messaging with customers.

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce.

First Green Business Coach for Founder of EARTH 2017, a website posting economic analysis on disruptive trends impacting communities and businesses. President of NCCT, a consulting company that coaches CEOs and business owners on pricing and marketing best practices proven to win the millennial generation, and their moms, as customers.