Vote Here: Where in Africa Would You Invest?

By David Abraham

Two people are sent by their company to a poor and dusty country.  When they return, they report separately to the same supervisor.  “Well, what did you find?” asks the manager of his first employee.  “Sir, the people there don’t even have shoes.  The place is just too poor for us to bother with.”  The second employee is later asked the same question and replies: “Boss, everyone’s walking around barefoot.  How soon can we ship shoes!?”

Don’t be too alarmed at my bad taste, I heard this [bad] joke from a Nigerian venture capitalist as he explained the business growth opportunities that are cropping up in places like Sierra Leone and Liberia.  So, with the first African World Cup upon us, leave your comment below to tell us where on the Continent you would put your money and why.

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