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GE Holding Press Conference in San Francisco This Morning–Smart Grid and Electric Vehicle Announcement Forthcoming

Scott Cooney | Tuesday July 13th, 2010 | 0 Comments

GE’s ecomagination program–out of the blue two months ago–became a sponsor of the Bay Area Green Business Meetup Group, which I co-chair with the help of 3P’s founder, Nick Aster. It’s not often that sponsors fall from the sky with unsolicited ad dollars. Through a partnership with Meetup.com, GE is sponsoring not just our Meetup Group, but also about 200 others nationwide that cater to green business professionals.  About a week later, I received a call from Meetup HQ asking if I would like to meet Jeff Immelt, the Chairman and CEO of GE.  Apparently, GE is using this outreach platform to network with green entrepreneurs and people whom they deem may be able to get in touch with large numbers of social entrepreneurs.

This morning in San Francisco, Nick and I will be attending a conference with Mr. Immelt, as well as the Chief Marketing Officer of GE and several leading members of the Ecomagination program, as they announce a new program aimed at the Smart Grid and Electric Vehicles. Details so far have been hard to come by, as everyone organizing the event has been very friendly yet extremely disciplined about communications.  All we know is that there is an announcement coming, and that Mr. Immelt himself is in San Francisco to make it.

Personally, having just recently divorced my internal combustion engine vehicle, I’m hoping that Mr. Immelt will pull an Oprah and start handing out electric vehicles.  Stay tuned, 3P readers….and keep your fingers crossed for GE to make a major play into a low carbon transportation infrastructure, but also for Nick and me to get tester electric cars…..

Scott Cooney lives car-free in San Francisco, is the Principal of GreenBusinessOwner.com, organizer of the Bay Area Green Business Meetup Group, author of Build a Green Small Business (McGraw-Hill), and will be reporting live from the conference all morning.  If you have any questions you’d like to see raised for Mr. Immelt about electric cars and smart grids, please don’t hesitate to email me at scott [at] GreenBusinessOwner.com

Ed note: Follow along live here.


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