Chevy Eliminating Consumer Barriers to Electric Cars

Driving range is a huge barrier for consumers regarding all electric cars. Granted, 90% of us drive 100 miles or less per day. But “what if” is always a barrier to enticing consumers to try a new technology.

The following video profiles Chevy’s path for getting consumers to say “yes” to electric cars. The Chevy Volt addresses the mileage range issue through an onboard gasoline fueled electric generator that extends the driving range of the Volt to 350 miles with a full charge and full tank of gasoline. And, like Nissan with the Leaf, Chevy is offering a 3-year lease that removes technology risk for the consumer by letting them lease it, drive it and then give it back.

The Leaf and Volt are just the start of America’s Car Revolution. Tomorrow’s videos profile the next generation technology promising solutions to Energy Independence, global warming and our national pain at the pump by 2014 by offering all electric cars with a 300 mile driving range and cost effectiveness from using only $1.40 of electricity per 50 miles!


Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce that profiles best practices of actual companies growing green revenues.

First Green Business Coach for Founder of EARTH 2017, a website posting economic analysis on disruptive trends impacting communities and businesses. President of NCCT, a consulting company that coaches CEOs and business owners on pricing and marketing best practices proven to win the millennial generation, and their moms, as customers.