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Opportunity Green 2010 Kicks Off in a Month

| Friday August 20th, 2010 | 0 Comments

Although we promote and attend dozens of excellent conferences every year, there are a handful we’ve grown very close with. Opportunity Green – heading into its 3rd year in Los Angeles is one of our favorites for a variety of reasons.

First, it’s not in San Francisco. It’s in Los Angeles – global center of popular culture, from which messages (both green and profoundly un-green) radiate. It’s exactly the kind of place where the green business conversation needs to be taken to move beyond its comfortable niche and out into the mainstream. Secondly, Los Angeles affords us the chance to get outside the choir – to both teach and be taught by folks from what is really a very different culture than you find in the cozy confines of the San Francisco bubble. Of course, if you’re already outside that bubble you probably think I’m crazy, so third – it happens to be one of the better attended green business conferences in general – accessible both to the old-hat experts and newcomers. With a great variety of large brands and individuals it promises to be an ideal combination of networking, exciting panels, and great conversation.

Plus I’ll be there along with two 3p guest authors to meet you, do interviews, talk new media and have some fun.

And did I mention the 30% discount? When you register, use this code: “COM_P30_3PUNDIT”


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