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Meet the Needs of the New Generation

Terry Mock, SLDI Co-founder

By Terry Mock
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April 2, 2008
In cities around the world, leaders are realizing that their economic futures hinge, not so much on luring new companies to town or on economic development strategies of the past, but on their ability to engage the next generation of professionals. As described in the Business Facilities magazine article, “Capturing the Creative Class”, this new generation includes “creative professionals” who work in healthcare, business, and finance, for example, and the “super-creative core,” which includes scientists, engineers, and innovators, as well as artists, designers, writers, and musicians. This class is projected to be the core force of growth in our future economy, and will add millions of jobs in the next decade.

Rankings show that Austin, Texas, leads the U.S. in a “creativity index”, as measured by patents per capita; high-tech industry; and diversity, followed by San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Portland, Minneapolis, Washington-Baltimore, Sacramento, and Denver. Austin has worked hard to provide a broad creative ecosystem, founded on a 1994 Sustainable Development Resolution with the ultimate goal of making Austin a model “Sustainable City”, and other pro-active efforts like the city’s Sustainable Communities Initiative, which exists to help the greater Austin region achieve economic prosperity, social justice, and ecological health – the highest possible quality of life in the best possible environment.

These are lofty and difficult to achieve goals, as documented by the Austin-based Center for Sustainable Development, a research center of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas, that has published a recent report, Local Government Efforts to Promote the “Three Es” of Sustainable, which indicates that despite the familiarity with the concept of sustainability, sustainable development has not emerged as a planning paradigm for most cities across the U.S.

Now is the time for you to get serious about learning how to apply the principles of sustainable development. Join with Sustainable Land Development International,the University of Texas Center for Sustainable Development, the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin, and other industry leaders in Austin for the next Land Development Breakthroughs Leadership Conference to help achieve economic prosperity, social justice, and ecological health.

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