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A Strategic Plan For Sustainable Land Development

Sustainable Land Development Initiative | Wednesday September 8th, 2010 | 0 Comments

A holistic strategic perspective enables the greatest results within each of the specialized areas of land development. As such, the following foundational objectives buoy all three legs of sustainable land development.

  1. Create a sustainable development industry-dominant brand;
  2. Implement sustainable development certification programs for individuals and projects;
  3. Integrate aesthetic values with scientific facts to maximize the achievement of sustainable land development.


Develop and promote interdisciplinary knowledge and technologies that unite technical expertise and understanding to improve the quality of solutions, resulting in increased net revenue and new business opportunities for members.

  • Reduce business costs and increase income, resulting in increased financial yield;
  • Obtain unique market access for creating enhanced value;
  • Broaden market opportunities.


Promote ecologically sound land development that protects and restores essential ecosystems.

  • Create holistic industry best practices that embrace sustainable development practices;
  • Leverage existing and emerging technologies that deliver ecological results;
  • Improve the ecological quality of land development products and services.


Promote social, environmental and financial best practices by facilitating stakeholder alliances.

  • Educate and inform all stakeholders about the importance of sustainability and the role of Sustainable Land Development International;
  • Promote the importance of social equity to overall community sustainability;
  • Expand stakeholder participation in sustainable land development.


Republished from January, 2008 issue of Sustainable Land Development Today magazine.


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