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Sustainable Hope and Help amid a Sea of Despair and Demands

Amid all the bad news and demands being placed on the President-elect Obama transition team this holiday season, Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) offers a reason to hope for the future by formally submitting its offer of assistance to help boost the team’s economic recovery plan and policy agenda – and save the country billions in the process.

SLDI is a cooperatively-owned organization of entrepreneurial developers, engineers, builders, planners, architects, financiers, attorneys, and others in private and public service, who deliver practical land development solutions to some of the most important social, environmental and economic issues the country faces. In answer to the President-elect’s call to “join in the work of remaking the nation.”, in a formal proposal to the Obama team, the organization has offered a public-private partnership, its Sustainable Land Development Best Practices System and the breadth of its research and collective knowledge to combat the country’s economic woes, enhance environmental stewardship and increase social responsibility – all at the same time.

Obama’s plan calls for a massive public investment in infrastructure as a way to create more than a million new jobs and reposition the country more competitively for the future. The plan has received broad acceptance, but is now beginning to come under increased scrutiny.

“President-elect Obama is beginning to receive criticism for his plan to invest up to $1 trillion dollars to stimulate the economy and implement the kind of change the American people mandated when they voted him into office in November,” said Greg Yoko, SLDI president of industry relations. “He’s being criticized from the left, who say the recovery plan isn’t socially or environmentally friendly enough, and from the right for the unprecedented level of government intervention and deficit spending his plan currently advocates. SLDI can offer the incoming U.S. administration the comprehensive systems and technologies to enable the public sector to enhance its effectiveness and quality – and spur the kinds of public-private partnerships and holistic development processes that will reduce government intervention, save taxpayers billions, and deliver greater environmental and social stewardship at the same time.”

According to SLDI, sustainable land development best practices optimize the decisions and implementation of the plans Obama has outlined at http://www.change.gov. The new SLDI best practices system offers the metrics to help development projects, such as those included in Obama’s massive infrastructure initiative, achieve greater ecological stewardship and social equity, but do so through the simultaneous achievement of greater economic results. These holistic “triple-bottom-line” results have long been sought but rarely achieved due to the narrow focus of each of the specialized participants in the land development process. However, through an industry-developed decision model and best practices system, SLDI believes it has, for the first time in history, developed the “holy grail” blueprint for the future U.S. economy, as well as the rest of the world. This holistic triple-bottom-line approach lays a solid foundation for the long-term sustainable development of the very infrastructure of our civilization. Sustainable development starts with our national and global infrastructure. If it is unsustainable, ultimately nothing else can be.

Open Letter to Obama-Biden Transition Team
Proposal submitted to Obama-Biden Transition Team

Originally distributed on December 31, 2008.


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