Genomatica’s Sustainable Bio-Chemistry


The chemical industry is a $3 trillion dollar annual revenue industry. It’s principal feedstocks are oil and natural gas. The global chemical industry consumes 8% of the world’s hydro-carbons. Bio-chemistry offers an alternative path for producing our needed plastics and other chemicals. It is based upon a feedstock grown from plants, algae and other bio-sources.

The potential for America created by a bio-chemical industry include:

  1. ENERGY INDEPENDECE from substituting American grown bio-feedstock for foreign oil
  2. JOBS for Americans producing American chemicals
  3. CLIMATE CHANGE SOLUTIONS by reducing hydro-carbon emissions.

Flowing into this opportunity is a new generation of cleantech early stage companies offering technologies that hold the promise of realizing these benefits. At the recently held Always On-Going Green Conference a company called Genomatica pitched their bio-chemistry technology to a room filled with very interested venture capitalists. The following video interview with Genomatica’s CEO Christophe Schilling outlines his vision for sustainable chemistry:

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce that profiles best practices of actual companies growing green revenues.

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