Re3: Diverting Landfill Waste To Produce Green Energy


According to the EPA each of us contribute 64 TONS of landfill waste during our lifetime. Imagine the environmental benefits if this waste could be processed into a fuel. That is exactly the technology that an Irish company called Re3 has developed. They have engineered a technology that can divert 95% of landfill waste through a system that recaptures the metals and converts the remaining carbon based waste into an energy feedstock.

Professor Debbie Boyd, CEO of Re3, outlines in this video her technology solution that was presented before early stage investors at the Always On, Going Green Conference:


Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce that profiles best practices of actual companies growing green revenues.

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  1. Yet another “waste to energy” scheme. As always, these techniques act as a negative feedback to efforts to reduce and recycle material by offering an easy greenwash way out to waste management authorities.

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