SabaMotors, Price Competitive Electric Goes 0-60 in Five Seconds

A recent Nielsen Company survey found that a majority of U.S. consumers would buy an electric vehicle. BUT, 65% of American car buyers don’t want to pay more for electric cars.

Simon Saba intuitively gets it.  Saba is Founder and CEO of SabaMotors where he is creating an electric sports car with performance and a price that is competitive against Corvettes, Cameros and Mustangs.

His tremendously sexy looking sports car will do 0-60 in FIVE seconds with a retail price of $45,000. In this video interview conducted at the Always On-Going Green Conference,┬áSaba talks about his marketing and manufacturing approach modeled after Dell Computers’ successful strategy. He has a compelling path for launching a car that looks fast just standing still, price competitive, with zero tailpipe emissions and with acceleration at the speed of an electron that will joyously push you back into your driver’s seat!

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce that profiles best practices of actual companies growing green revenues.

First Green Business Coach for Founder of EARTH 2017, a website posting economic analysis on disruptive trends impacting communities and businesses. President of NCCT, a consulting company that coaches CEOs and business owners on pricing and marketing best practices proven to win the millennial generation, and their moms, as customers.