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Filanthropists.com: Socially Conscious Shopping

3p Contributor | Saturday October 23rd, 2010 | 0 Comments


By Jillian Interlichia

We live in a consumer culture.  Even those of us who try to be conscious of our purchases, where they come from, and how they impact our environment (biologically and socially), it’s hard to fully remove ourselves from the buy-use-toss cycle.  Enter Filanthropists.com, a retail website for “shoppers with a cause.”

Filanthropists.com allows merchants from a huge range of causes to present their goods for sale.  These items range from products that will benefit charities, to handmade and ethically sourced goods.  Unlike other online sites that present you with one type of product from a specific niche, Filanthropists.com has a huge variety of options, from books and toys to jewelry and clothes. It’s kind like the Amazon.com of ethically-sourced products.

In fact, this variety is one of the biggest appeals of the website.  You can search for products by category (Apparel through Wines), Charity/Non-Profit Organization (American Forests through Suicide Awareness), and Cause (Aids through Wildlife Refuge).

One benefit I can see from a website like this is for gift-giving.  You can tailor each gift to each person’s pet project without having to surf from site to site and search the internet high and low.  There is one easy check-out process, and you don’t need to wonder if the products you are buying are truly benefitting the proposed cause.  Shopping with a conscience?  It is possible, after all.

Filanthropists.com was founded by Filomena Laforgia.  When her son Dean was diagnosed with autism, she dedicated herself to autism awareness and raising money for research and charities.  As she delved deeper into autism charities and ways to raise money, she discovered that there are hundreds and thousands of charities that need just as much awareness and fundraising.  Through this, Filanthropists.com was born.

The beauty of Filanthropists.com is that you can be sure that each product conforms to your cause’s ideals.  If you believe in ethically soured jewelry, that can be found here.  If you want money from your purchases to go towards specific cancer research groups, you know that this will happen because your purchase is directly from that specific charity.  Unsure of what charity you’d like to support, or how much of your purchase goes to each charity?  All these concerns are addressed on the FAQ page.

Filanthropists.com makes it easy to support causes that matter.  They are a “socially conscious online mall,” which makes buying things – for yourself or for others – even more fun.


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