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World’s First Sustainable Land Development Best Practices System Enters Pilot Phase

Sustainable Land Development Initiative | Wednesday October 13th, 2010 | 1 Comment

By Tony Wernke
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Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) announced recently that it has completed and is releasing the world’s first comprehensive sustainable land development best practices system. After undergoing an extensive review by a number of experts in the industry, phase two of its implementation – pilot testing – is underway. Currently, a number of projects throughout the United States are serving as pilot projects.

Revolutionary System

The SLDI Code™ - The SLDI Best Practices System balances and integrates the triple-bottom line needs of people, planet and profit into a holistic model that becomes increasingly detailed, guiding effective decisions throughout the community planning, financing, design, regulating, construction and maintenance processes while always enabling project context to drive specific decisions.

The SLDI Best Practices System is not just another set of industry standards or certification program. Tony Wernke, president of SLDI, describes the system as “descriptive rather than prescriptive.” In other words, it offers structure and guidance in decision-making throughout the process toward more sustainable results rather than requiring specific practices and/or products be utilized during design and construction.

“It is well documented that historically, there is widespread inefficiency with land development projects throughout the planning, design, approval and construction processes,” said Wernke. “Combined with conflicts between private and public interests that often occur on projects, it is not surprising that the desired – and anticipated – environmental, economic, and social benefits that are often promised or hoped for have not been typically achieved.”

“We are thrilled to bring a breakthrough decision model, with accompanying information resources and technologies, to enable the achievement of truly sustainable results on projects.”

Aligning People, Planet and Profit

The Best Practices System helps align the interests of all project stakeholders, including financial, social, and environmental. It helps project teams increase productivity and build trust among professionals, and also can help project teams better promote their projects to financial and community partners.

“The SLDI Best Practices System complements other ‘green’ programs and has the built-in flexibility to fully incorporate them,” said Wernke. “The SLDI system is completely holistic in that it incorporates the full breadth of goals for any project, including social, environmental and financial objectives that may be part of other certification programs. Its uniqueness and value is that it aids and streamlines development processes as opposed to adding to them.”

Applicable to All Project Types

Another unique quality of the SLDI Best Practices System is that it is applicable for all project types and sizes. In fact, the Best Practices System is currently being implemented on a number of pilot projects including a residential greenfield project, a commercial brownfield project, a mixed-use urban revitalization project, and a mixed-use rural conservation project.

For more information on the SLDI Best Practices System, contact Tony Wernke at twernke@sldi.org.

Republished from October, 2009 issue of Sustainable Land Development Today magazine.

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