A New Spin on Buy Nothing Day (aka Black Friday)

We’re pleased to announce that 3p’s own Jonathan Mariano has a brand new business launching today that is one part social experiment, one part start-up: your own opportunity to actually buy Nothing (with a capital N), come Black Friday. Enter Shop Nothing.com.

Says Jonathan, “After sitting in on the 2010 Net Impact Walmart quick pitch competition, I was inspired to create something to take to the BizPlan competition next year. All the ideas I ran into were more sustainable than the alternative, but they weren’t truly sustainable because they all required consumption. Then I came up with the idea of selling nothing. If Jerry Seinfeld can make a show about nothing, someone is bound to make a business out of selling nothing.”

Shop Nothing is perfect for the compulsive shopper who does not want their purchases to harm the planet. It allows you to make a purchase without getting anything at all, except bragging rights. Not even a certificate of Nothing purchased. You’ve got a few choices for your nothingness:

This is a purchase you don’t have to have any guilt about at all- there’s no replacement for Nothing.

Yes, this is kind of ridiculous, but it’s also kind of awesome. Is Nothing a worse use for your money than a snuggie, giant toothbrush, underwater glasses for your dog or this amazingly useful combo holster for tasers AND mp3 players?

At least Nothing has no VOCs or child labor.

Want in on the action? If you choose the Nothing Essential or higher, enter TriplePundit at checkout to get 50% off your order.

Or you could just sound off in the comments.

Jen Boynton

Jen is editor in chief of TriplePundit. She has an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio Graduate School and lives in Oakland with her husband and normally happy baby. 
Hit her up at on twitter @jenboynton to discuss diapering strategies or sustainability reporting methodology.