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Urban Green: A City Green Thumb’s Best Friend

| Friday November 5th, 2010 | 0 Comments


In recent years, gardening, farmers markets, eating local and organic have become increasingly popular. But, reality collides with ideals when it comes to being an urban resident and wanting to grow your own food. Space is constrained, reliable sunshine can be minimal and your outdoor options might be limited to a balcony.

Urban Green has figured out a way to solve this problem. It’s entirely dedicated to urban gardening, and is itself located in the urban center of Amsterdam, rather then being a typically sizable general gardening store on the suburban outskirts.

It’s an ideal mix of proximity to customers, focus of offerings, and particular attention to customer needs. Currently on the front of their site is an example of this: overhead mounted “Sky Planters.” Plants grow out of the bottom, can be wall or ceiling mounted, and as Urban Green suggests, placed over kitchen counters or near your sofa. It’s this smart use of space that is normally unused that’s the kind of thinking that takes gardening out of its typical confines, and into people’s living spaces.

For those with a bit more leeway in terms of space and location, Urban Green is allied with green roof and vertical garden creators.

This one stop shop model removes the barriers, real and imagined, to people making their own small bit of paradise a reality.

When you add how-to resources like the Urban Organic Gardener to people wanting to find a healthier, cost effective way to meet their food needs, I predict an ongoing boom in personal scale food gardening, urban and otherwise.

Readers: Are you newly gardening? What have been useful resources to you? Where in the world do you see a business such as Urban Gardener being needed/succeeding?

Paul Smith is a sustainable business innovator, the founder of GreenSmith Consulting, and has an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. He creates interest in, conversations about, and business for green (and greening) companies, via social media marketing.

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