The Bra Recyclers Help Women in Need

Ladies, let’s face it. Many of us have bras in our drawer that just simply don’t fit correctly, that we’ve hardly worn, or that we just plain don’t like anymore. We can’t throw them away because they were so darn expensive, so they just sit in our drawer taking up room. So why not clean … Continued

Suitsak: The Key to a Major Increase in White Collar Bicycle Commuters?

In many parts of the world, cities are actively taking steps to increase biking as a daily activity – London’s “bicycle superhighway” is the latest example, generating a staggering 70% increase in bike use in one year, even on regular streets. But there’s a hitch to getting a broader professional segment of the population on … Continued

Social Entrepreneur Brings Electricity to Indian Villages, Proves Bigger isn’t Necessarily Better

By Hajera Blagg Big-name entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett donate billions of dollars a year to charitable causes. While their contributions are certainly noble, a young budding entrepreneur from humble beginnings in India is bent on changing the world—through rice husks. New York Times blog “Fixes”, which produces a series of articles that … Continued

Sexism Isn’t Cool, Even in the Name of Renewable Power

Do we need to objectify women to sell green products? According to John B., founder and owner of Renewable Girls (RG), and the creator of the calendar that features Megan and her bananas, the answer is “yes.” There is even a name for it: ecosexism. Let’s be clear- women are not universally exploited in green culture … Continued

Chevy Volt Released: Efficiency & the Big Question

There is no question that General Motors has a lot riding on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt: it is the first new vehicle model to be delivered (on GM’s 100th anniversary), since the company filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in 2009, with significant help from U.S. taxpayers. Not only is the Volt a huge opportunity for … Continued

Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods and Procter & Gamble Sign Waste Reduction Pledges

This post appeared on The Guardian and is reprinted with permission By Business Green A number of the UK’s best-known businesses yesterday stepped up their commitment to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, signing up to two schemes designed to cut waste levels and increase UK recycling rates. Associated British Foods, Coca-Cola Enterprises, … Continued

Bloom Energy Offers 10 Year Electricity Contracts With No Upfront Costs

Just when you wondered what happened to them, Bloom Energy is offering companies a 10-year electricity contract for its Bloom Box fuel cells in a program called Bloom Electrons. Bloom Electrons allows customers to purchase energy provided by the Bloom Box without paying for other costs. The Bloom Box, without Bloom Electrons, costs around $800,000. … Continued

Dow Moves to Make Nature Part of the Bottom Line

Dow Chemical and the Nature Conservancy (TNC) announced a partnership on January 25 during a press conference at the Detroit Economic Club to develop tools and demonstrate models for valuing nature in business. Dow committed $10 million over the next five years to the collaboration with TNC. Jennifer Molnar, manager of TNC’s Analysis Team, called … Continued

Scraper Bike Culture Provides Lessons for Sustainable Businesses

Oakland resident Tyrone “Baby Champ” Stevenson, inventor of the “scraper bike,” may not have known how big his idea would become when he rolled out his first prototype. Or perhaps he did. His creativity led to a scraper bike movement that is not only gaining momentum in the Bay Area, but is quickly becoming a … Continued

Is There Enough Lithium to Meet Obama’s EV Goal?

By Phil Covington In his State Of The Union address on January 25th, President Obama set a goal of putting one million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road in America by 2015. In the same speech, he also spelled out his vision for the country to derive 80% of its electricity from clean energy sources … Continued

Google Plants More Than a Seed With Adsense Letters

Google recently sent cards to consumers and prospects that not only were made of recycled paper, but they were also embedded with wildflower seeds. The idea is that instead of tossing the card into the recycling bin or trash, consumers will wet the card and bury it in their yard instead.

LEED-Certified “Guzzler” Draws Criticism

When the Charlotte, NC ImaginOn opened in 2005, it was the city’s first green building. The combination library and children’s theater used a number of innovative features in its construction including compressed wheat fiberboard, recycled rubber parts and plastic bottles. The builders recycled all of the waste material and incorporated numerous energy savings elements into … Continued

Energy is a Consumer Issue. Why are we Drowning it in Politics?

By Brian F. Keane I’ve spent much of the last decade marketing clean energy and energy efficiency to the American people. And I’m worried that we’re about to blow it. Let me explain. A little over 30 years ago, then-President Jimmy Carter held a press conference on the roof of the White House. The subject: … Continued

Interview: Nancy Bailey On Quivira Winery Biodynamic Farming

According to the USDA , the US has increased its use of nitrogen fertilizer by 450% to 13 million tons annually over the last 50 years. Phosphate and potash fertilizer use during this same time period has doubled, now totaling almost 9 million tons annually. The environmental impacts of this much chemical fertilizer use include: … Continued