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Year in Sustainable Business Writing Contest Voting Starts Now!

| Tuesday January 4th, 2011 | 0 Comments

Happy new year! We’re excited to present to you ten different articles which were submitted by 3p readers to our “Year in Sustainable Business” writing contest. It’s time to vote for your favorite. But before we explain how, we’re excited to present our editor’s choice award to Boyd Cohen of CO2 Impact for his excellent piece entitled “2010-The Year that Climate Capitalism Emerged to Save the Day“.

Boyd wins the first of our two $50 gift certificates, but the second prize is entirely up to you.

Here’s how it works:

1) Log into twitter (yes, you need to have an account and you need to follow @triplepundit).

2) Take a gander at the 10 different articles and decide which are your favorites (you can vote for more than one if you like).

3) Click the “retweet” button at the end of the article you like. Be sure that your tweet includes the hash tag #3pVOTE as well as a link to the article. All of this is automatic, but in case anything goes wrong, try it again. Your tweet should end up looking something like this:

“RT @triplepundit This Is The Article Headline http://bit.ly/12345 #3pVOTE”

Please be careful if you edit the tweet and DO NOT remove the URL – If we can’t identify the post you’re voting for, we won’t be able to count your vote. We will count one vote for every unique twitter user that re-tweets an article with the hash tag. It’s that simple!


Voting Ends at Midnight PST on Monday January 10th


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