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GatherGreen: GroupOn for Green

| Friday February 25th, 2011 | 2 Comments


As consumers begin to search more and more for shopping deals through popular websites such as Groupon and Rue LaLa, one thing is quite clear – today consumers are all looking for ways to save money. So, consider a website that not only has daily deals from local businesses, but which ensures the businesses are sustainable-operated…

The lucky folks in Los Angeles now have GatherGreen, a company that prides themselves on sending their subscribers unbeatable deals on local greed goods and green services. By pre-negotiating with businesses, GatherGreen is able to get deals if it can guarantee the businesses a minimum number of purchases. Basically it works similar to Groupon: if GatherGreen has enough buyers for a deal, then everyone benefits.

Recent green businesses included in GatherGreen’s deals range from restaurants, to vegan tattoo shops, to acupuncture treatments, to wine bars. What we also like is that GatherGreen shares the scoop on what make these businesses green and what they do to ensure that our future generations thrive and prosper. Also included is what the best offerings are and what people in-the-know are saying.  

“Our mission is to help transform ours from a culture of consumption into a culture of sustainability,” the website states.  “We wish to build GatherGreen into a platform on the web where we highlight the efforts of local communities of practice, hold them up as examples to one another, and help them band together to form a global force for change.  Harnessing the tools of the social web we intend to demonstrate  the immense power of collective action as we gather green people, businesses, societies and organizations from all over the world here to connect, share, and benefit.”


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  • Nora

    Everybody is trying to live greener these days, but it can be more expensive. That is why sites like these are really great – they give you the chance to save money while still being able to protect the environment.

    A great site to use to get the best deals and sales in your area from a variety of daily deal sites is http://www.dailydealpool.com. They’ll email you daily with the best buys, ensuring you won’t miss out.

  • Xni Xoman

    Great article. I check http://grouponbot.com more often then I check Groupon now though.Also have you seen this article
    Haha :)