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Video Interview: Install a Plug-in to Save Trees

Connie Kwan | Tuesday April 26th, 2011 | 0 Comments

Seventeen percent of enterprise printing is wasteful.  This adds up to $90 wasted per employee in unnecessary printing – according to the folks at PrintEco. In this interview, Arpan Shah talks about how he is helping companies start addressing this waste within minutes.  His software plug-in for Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer automatically removes one line pages, blank pages, legal disclaimers, and long email chains so common in printing internet content.  The plug-in also optimizes page formatting for Excel to prevent that one page that contains just one number.  PrintEco is offering a free trial. 

Connie Kwan is a GreenTech Marketing professional based in Silicon Valley, CA.  She is pursuing an MBA in Sustainability at Presidio Graduate School and blogs about sustainability and business at Sustainable Thinking: Applied. Follow her on Twitter @ConnieMKwan.


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