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Detroit Bound: Forward with Ford 2011

| Sunday June 12th, 2011 | 0 Comments

A popular theme over the years at 3p has been the slowly greening automobile industry and the quest for more sustainable transportation in general. We’ve touted rising startups like Tesla and the green thinking of industry giants like General Motors and the Chevy Volt.

This week, it’ll be Ford’s turn. I’ll be reporting from Detroit at the “Forward with Ford” consumer trends conference. The 2 day event, presented by “futurists and key trend-spotters” will discuss Ford’s perspective on the changing habits and demands consumers.  Lifestyle, environment and economy will be amont the issues discussed and will be the ones I’ll be most interested in getting a story on.  With diverse speakers from Malcolm Gladwell to Joel Garreau, it’s bound to be a thought provoking at the very least (full disclosure – Ford is covering 3p’s travel expenses).

Got questions or critiques about Ford? Hard hitting questions you’d like me to ask? Let me know in the comments this week and I’ll incorporate everything i can.



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