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Best Buy Enters the Home Energy Market

| Friday November 4th, 2011 | 0 Comments

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn wrapped up this week’s BSR conference with a commitment to helping consumers save on energy at home – a great step toward tackling the company’s “scope 3” carbon footprint, as well as good customer management.   Specifically, the company will pilot “learning centers” at three Best Buy stores as well as a section of their website devoted to home energy management.

In Dunn’s BSR presentation, he emphasized his personal obsession with all manner of electronic gadgetry.  He went on to add, however, that a gadget’s real value is access – granting people across all walks of life access to information and all the empowerment that comes with it.

The Best Buy home energy project looks like it will fit nicely into that philosophy…

Aside from the educational aspects of the on and offline learning centers, Best Buy will be able to cash in on growing demand for all manner of energy monitoring devices, from the many they already offer, to new products such as the much hyped Nest thermostat and ThinkEco’s clever Modlet plug-in monitoring device. We’ll see if they get around to re-introducing electric motorcycles.


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