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Google Helps Drive Electric Ford Focus to Market

| Thursday January 5th, 2012 | 4 Comments

We’ve been following along with Ford’s answer to the Nissan Leaf for some time, and not just because we like butterflies.  The all-electric version of the Ford Focus is expected to be the first five-passenger electric vehicle that will exceed “100 MPGe” – a measurement that allows better comparison of electric and gas vehicles.

The Focus is supposed to charge in half the time that it takes a Nissan Leaf – an accomplishment that means more driving and less hassle for enthusiastic new electric car owners. Additionally, recycled and renewable materials coupled with clever partnerships with solar energy producers make the Focus a contender among the many new electric car offerings.

To add some buzz to the fun, the very first electric Focus on the market has been delivered to the Google-plex in Mountain View, California.  Exactly what Google plans to do with the car remains to be seen (some speculate it’ll become a street view car).  Regardless, it’s a welcome example of Google’s commitment to putting their money where their mouth is in terms of driving high-tech solutions to sustainability issues.

Ed Note: I’ll be checking in on Ford’s progress, along with that of many other automakers at the North American Auto show next week. Stay tuned for more, and get in touch if you have an ideas or questions.


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  • Anonymous

    Will there ever be a drive review of the Ford Focus EV? I question Ford’s seriousness due to the lack of media access to the actual car.

    • http://www.triplepundit.com Nick Aster

      If I have a chance, I’ll do it myself in Detroit next week!  (Fingers crossed)

      • Anonymous

        Many will be glad if you do!

  • Ed Witt

    @JoeDVD, I agree. No drive reviews, no EPA sticker, and generally no news. What gives with this car? Strangest launch I’ve ever seen.