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Getting to Know Van Jones and the New Economy

3p Contributor | Friday June 22nd, 2012 | 0 Comments

By Brian Back

For someone who’s been accused of being a socialist, Van Jones sure does have a lot of capitalist ideas.

Jones took to the stage of the Sustainable Industries Economic Forum June 14 in Seattle. He discussed the value of social capital and ways to find common ground with conservatives and libertarians around clean energy issues.

Because he’s been relentlessly attacked as a dangerous boogeyman by factually dubious right-wing pundits, the current political landscape might have dictated Jones to remain entrenched among the polarized and venomous factions of TV talk shows. Instead, Jones seems to have found a fresh new constructive stride on the high road, fighting for common ground and economic growth in sustainable industries.

If you think you’ve got Jones figured out, think again. Following is footage of Jones’ keynote at the Seattle Forum. It’s worth a watch…

Van Jones will again join the Sustainable Industries Economic Forum in Santa Monica on Sept. 27 – tickets are on sale now.


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