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Joolz Turns the Humble Cardboard Box Into an Object of Delight

| Friday June 29th, 2012 | 1 Comment


In company’s efforts to make more sustainable products, a lot of attention has been paid to packaging, often going into a fair amount of technological acrobatics, as in Sunchips‘ initially ill-fated compostable bags or Dell’s bamboo and mushroom based product cushioning.

All well and good, but for other companies not able to invest in such far reaching initiatives, Dutch baby stroller company Joolz has created a simpler, and ultimately more memorable and delightful option: Its cardboard boxes can be turned into useful objects.

Much like simply maintained diesel engines, long getting hybrid-beating mileage, the simplicity of using an existing resource in a new way which will remain long after the initial purchase, is a smart move in many ways. It incurs no minimal cost to the company to modify their boxes, using existing technology. It doesn’t require reinventing the source material, which is commonly available. And it can serve as an enduring branding reminder, reinforcing its uniqueness in people’s minds.

What can your box be made into?

In Joolz’ case, From a lampshade to a bird house and from a picture frame to a chair.” That includes all packaging, from their strollers to accessories.”

When your packaging becomes more then simply the carrier of product, to be tossed or recycled shortly after, it has the chance to become an enhancement to the consumer experience. How could your company do this too? Where else are you seeing packaging effectively living beyond the initial purchase in meaningful ways?


Paul Smith is a sustainable business innovator, global trend tracker, the founder of GreenSmith Consulting, and has an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. He creates interest in, conversations about, and business for green (and greening) companies, via social media marketing.

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  • senarae

    I LOVE this :)