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Video Interview: Dave Chichura & Chad Melis of Oskar Blues

The Can Van | Thursday June 14th, 2012 | 0 Comments

The first craft brewery to put its beer in cans, Oskar Blues is truly a pioneer. Located in Longmont, CO, this growing craft brewery is continually creating ways to be distinct. For example, their recent beer collaboration with Sun King Brewing Co, CHAKA, features a 16-oz resealable aluminum bottle, a first for craft beer.

But packaging is not the only way Oskar Blues demonstrates its ecological awareness. For example, by creating a sustainable agriculture experience with their Hops & Heifers Farm, Oskar Blues seamlessly integrates brewery waste outflows into productive farm inflows.

Jenn Coyle had the chance to sit down at the Craft Brewers Conference with Dave Chichura and Chad Melis to discuss:

Interviewer: Jenn Coyle
Producer: Kate Drane

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