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Video Interview: Catherine Gunsbury, Director CSR – General Mills

| Wednesday July 25th, 2012 | 1 Comment

This interview is part of a series of videos taken with CSR leaders at our GRI Training Course in Minneapolis. We have additional courses coming up all the time, please click here to learn more.

Catherine Gunsbury is director of CSR at General Mills. I sat down with her to talk a little bit about what CSR means at her company. “Doing the right thing” sums it up. Specifically, this mean doing the right thing with respect to shareholders, the community, and the earth – a true triple bottom line philosophy.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MVY6Q6K3CFDJNSKJYLQOWSVV5I shroomer

     She should run for political office . Sounds like a politician . No specifics . Is General Mills going to stop using  Pesticide laden G M O Grains in their Breakfast Cereal ? But like most Politicians their priorities are apparent shareholders -first and foremost , the community -if it doesn’t compromise shareholder interests  , and (last thing they care about) the earth ,which could sustain us ALL if it weren’t for the Greed of the General MIlls’ , Monsnatos’ , etc ,etc of the World .