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One Community Promotes a Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Sustainable Land Development Initiative | Wednesday November 14th, 2012 | 2 Comments

By now, most people know that the necessary resources and technology exist to feed, house, and provide energy for every person on the planet. Self-replicating, self-sufficient communities, villages, and cities would provide a strategy to put the necessary technology and resources where they are needed most.

For this to happen, a working model with widespread appeal is being created. It will be affordable, applicable across a diversity of cultures, easily accessible, created so that normal people with average knowledge and little or no experience can duplicate it, and it will have a marketing engine capable of exposing enough people to build the necessary momentum for it to continue duplication on its own.

One Community 

To help facilitate the shift from where we are now to what we know is possible, One Community (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was formed after 15 years of planning with the mission to provide non-profit leadership. With the necessary demonstration, blueprints, and roadmap for duplication, it can help recreate our world as a cooperative of self-sufficient and self-sustainable communities, villages, and eventually cities. Their path to accomplishing such a lofty goal: demonstrate, inspire people, and give away what’s needed for replication.

Creating a holistic approach to sustainability, One Community is combining food, energy, and construction self-sufficiency with fulfilled-living models, adult and child education models, recreation integration, and a mentality “for The Highest Good of All.” The idea is to provide a superior way of living that addresses the most pressing problems of our generation while regenerating our planet and preparing us for the predictable problems of the next century, too.

Having spent years searching for the perfect location and property, One Community found it and is now seeking donations to purchase this property, working with the county, and organizing their growing, all-volunteer think tank of sustainability experts to meet all the requirements for building and free-sharing their first prototype of seven different sustainable village models. They are also continuing to develop their open source and free-sharing infrastructure and expanding their network of necessary company connections, materials suppliers, and individuals interested in helping and donating time now so they can be a paid part of the future consulting team for successive communities, villages, and eventually cities using One Community’s open source blueprints.

For The Highest Good of All

Foundational to everything that One Community is doing, is a belief that we as a species have the ability and desire to do what is in the genuine interest of The Highest Good of All. This means creating solutions that work for everyone, open source and free-sharing these solutions versus patenting and copywriting them, and clearing away as many of the roadblocks and obstacles as possible to doing what is for The Highest Good of All too. In doing this, One Community believes the large-scale transition and evolution of sustainable models will happen naturally and efficiently – self-replicating and spreading the model globally.

To learn more about One Community and what they are working on now, partnership opportunities, the specifics of their global change strategy, infrastructure and architectural plans, open source model, and more, visit their website at www.SustainabilityNonProfit.org or just google “One Community.”


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