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Abu Dhabi Blogging Competition: Two Winners!

| Monday January 7th, 2013 | 0 Comments

The UAE flag flies over "heritage village" - a recreation of older times as modernity looms in the distanceAs a lead-up to Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, January 13-17, Masdar sponsored a blogging contest called “Engage: The Water-Energy Nexus.”  TriplePundit was asked to help spread the word about the competition and to provide some logistical support during the contest as well as on the ground in Abu Dhabi during the sustainability week proceedings.

As you may recall, entrants were asked to submit a blog post on the subject of the “water-energy nexus” and the winner would get to travel to Abu Dhabi to cover what will be the largest sustainability gathering ever in the Middle East.   More than 70 entries were received, including a number from TriplePundit contributors and readers.

The winning post, entitled “Demystifying the Water-Energy Nexus,” was submitted by Dallas Blaney a professor of public and environmental affairs at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay in the United States. Blaney’s submission argued that a comprehensive approach is necessary to address the interrelated issues of water and energy, with a special emphasis on establishing a research agenda and advancing public awareness of water and energy challenges.

With so many posts submitted, choosing a winner was not as simple as tallying up a number of votes.  Experience, availability, and subjective analysis of writing were all taken into consideration.  The judges weighed the quality of content and the ideas as paramount above a raw popularity contest.  However, one area of consideration that came up during the contest was the sheer energy of some writers to promote their posts above and beyond their own publications.  As a result, a second prize was established to reward the writer who accomplished the widest social media reach.  Lolita Galura Ranit, a science and environment teacher at Al Adhwa Private School in Al Ain, UAE, was chosen to receive this recognition and will join the rest of the press during the week in Abu Dhabi.

Among the 6 finalists were posts from 2 regular TriplePundit writers: RP Siegel and Tom Schueneman.   Here are their posts and those of the other 4 finalists:

WINNER:  Dallas Blaney:  Demystifying the Water-Energy-Nexus

Leia & Pat Guccione: Solutions at the Confluence of Energy and Water

RP Siegel:  Reflections on the Water Energy Dance

Andrew Kear:  Energy and Water Nexus

Tom Schueneman:  The Water Energy Nexus in a Climate Changed World

Evan Scandling:  A View From the Field – Addressing the Water Energy Poverty Nexus





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