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Interview: Jacob Fontijne of DNV KEMA on Energy Efficiency

| Friday January 18th, 2013 | 0 Comments
The Trias Energetica

The Trias Energetica

At this year’s World Future Energy Summit, a lot of attention is falling on new forms of renewable power generation. However, using existing energy more efficiently is every bit as important. DNV KEMA’s Jacob Fontijne puts this in perspective with a Dutch concept called “Trias energetica.”  Simply put, it’s a guideline to achieve energy savings and sustainability by putting efficiency first, followed by the use of renewable energy, and only as a last resort, falling back on fossil fuels.

Rapid growth has begun to outstrip supplies of energy in the UAE and elsewhere in the region – a problem for sure, but also an opportunity for relatively inexpensive gains to be had in terms of energy efficiency. I had a chance to sit down with Jacob and talk a little bit about the energy situation in the middle east and to consider whether efficiency or new generation represents the better investment.

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Ed Note: Travel expenses for the Author and TriplePundit were provided by Masdar.


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