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Google Got Me Again

| Monday April 1st, 2013 | 4 Comments
google april fools-cropped

41 Astronauts looking at TriplePundit! Oh, wait.

Google is famous for its insidious April Fool’s pranks – just clever enough to get you excited for their new product, be it Google Nose, Google Maps in 8-Bit, or Gmail Tap, which turns your keyboard into a 2 button morse code system.

This year was no different, except I got really and truly taken – just for a second. The key to a good April Fools joke is knowing your audience. And if there’s anything Google knows about web publishers, it’s that we obsessively track our traffic. So imagine my excitement when I saw the spike in readers coming from – what – the International Space Station. The bubble bounces around the globe, just like the real ISS.

But guess what those crazy Cosmonauts are looking at:

Astronauts, now over Australia!

Astronauts, now over Australia!

Well played Google Analytics team.

Did you get pwned this year? What’s your favorite Google prank?


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