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Walmart Engages Stakeholders on Twitter

| Thursday April 25th, 2013 | 0 Comments

walmart-triplepundit-csrwireIn honor of the release of the latest version of their Global Responsibility Report, Walmart’s SVP, Sustainability Andrea Thomas participated in a Twitter chat to answer questions about the report and sustainability at Walmart from the company’s many stakeholders. The chat was hosted by Nick Aster from TriplePundit and Aman Singh from CSRwire.

Around 130 Tweeters participated, peppered Walmart with questions about everything under the sun. Many participants asked insightful questions about the contents of the report and Walmart’s process for pulling it together. The company also got a lot of tough questions about their social and environmental record.

We commend Walmart for meeting stakeholders in a public forum like a Twitter chat and listening to their feedback. It can be tough for an organization as large and multi-faceted as Walmart to do so, but simply showing up and listening is a tremendous step towards true stakeholder engagement. We think they did a great job responding to questions and we can’t wait to do it again.

Read on for a Storify summary of the chat…

In this Twitter chat hosted by TriplePundit and CSRWire, we got to ask Walmart’s SVP of Sustainability Andrea Thomas about their recently released 2013 Global Responsibility Report. Here’s a brief summary of our the conversation. Get the whole thing at #WMTgreen!



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