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Interview: Anand Babu on Opower’s Strategy

| Wednesday May 1st, 2013 | 0 Comments

fortune-green-2013TriplePundit is reporting live from the Fortune Brainstorm Green 2013 conference in Laguna Niguel, CA. Follow along on this page for ongoing video interviews with sustainability thought leaders, corporate change agents and entrepreneurs who are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Opower is a startup with what sounds like a complex task: Give consumers better and more organized access to data about their energy usage.  Once you do that, in theory,  they’ll naturally start consuming less. They’ll save money, save energy, and we’ll all collectively benefit.  With cleverly organized technology and partnerships with utilities, Opower is taking complex data and making consumer behavior easy to change.

I had a chance to talk to Anand Babu, Opower’s Director of Platform Strategy about how the company’s technology works, where it’s headed, and exactly what kind of impact they’ll ultimately have on sustainability.  Video after the jump:


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