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Photo Essay: 19 Separated Bike Lane Innovations

"High fence in San Francisco, California"

High fence in San Francisco, California

  • Joshua Putnam

    In pitch black, of course, because cyclists don’t need to *see* roadside hazards.

  • http://www.triplepundit.com Nick Aster

    This is a pretty lousy concept. Why even bother with the fence? The curbs are quite sufficient.

  • cycling.coach

    This is the most intelligent design of the bunch – safest, most visible, and provides the best flow for motorists AND cyclists. This is so because the fence provides a better collision fixture than an open “barrier” (the curbs can cause more harm in a collision).

  • Easy

    This is Cargo Way in SF. IIRC the fence was deemed necessary because of the short distance between the contra-flow bikeway and the relatively high speed truck route.