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Apple Brings iPhone Buyback Program to Canada

Alexis Petru
| Wednesday March 19th, 2014 | 0 Comments

Apple enthusiasts in the U.S. looking to upgrade their iPhones have been able to trade in their old devices for a newer model at Apple stores since last summer. But now the tech giant is expanding its iPhone buyback and recycling program to Canadian stores, the Vancouver Sun reported, offering store credit of up to $275 for working but unwanted iPhones.

The trade-in program is an affordable way for consumers to move up to a newer iPhone model, the Calif.-based company said in a statement, and represents a larger trend of retailers and mobile carriers jumping into the growing market for refurbished electronic devices already occupied by companies like Gazelle. There will be approximately 396 million idle or inactive mobile devices in the U.S. by the end of the year, marketing analytics firm Compass Intelligence predicts, and of all those electronics, only 80 million will be recycled – clearly indicating an opportunity for increased collection and recycling.

Prior to the expansion of Apple’s in-store buyback program, Canadian iPhone users could mail in old devices to the company for recycling, but did not receive any cash or store credit in return. Now Canadians can bring an iPhone into any Apple retail location, where staff will evaluate the phone’s condition and determine the amount of credit the company will pay – up to a maximum of $275. Devices for either business or personal use are both eligible for the trade-in program, Apple said, and stores will also accept non-working phones for recycling. Phones collected at Apple’s Canadian stores will be handled by mobile phone distributor Brightstar Corp., the Canadian Broadcast Corp. reported.

Apple rolled out its iPhone buyback program in the U.S. last August and in the United Kingdom, France and Germany earlier this year.

While it’s difficult to compare prices for used iPhones promised by different companies (prices vary widely based on phone model and condition), Apple’s $275 maximum trade-in credit is priced to compete with the other retailers, mobile carriers and electronics buyback companies vying for your old smart phone.

Image credit: Apple

Passionate about both writing and sustainability, Alexis Petru is freelance journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area whose work has appeared on Earth911, Huffington Post and Patch.com. Prior to working as a writer, she coordinated environmental programs for Bay Area cities and counties. Connect with Alexis on Twitter at @alexispetru


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