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Interview: Jeremiah Owyang, Crowd Companies

| Thursday June 12th, 2014 | 2 Comments

TriplePundit attended Sustainable Brands 2014 in San Diego this month. These videos are part of our coverage. Find the rest here.

Jeremiah Owyang is one of the most interesting people I had a chance to meet at last week’s Sustainable Brands conference.  An analyst by trade, Jeremiah now runs a network called Crowd Companies who propose to “bring empowered people and resilient brands together to collaborate for Shared Value.”   Specifically, this shared value springs from  embracing the “collaborative economy” –  a meta term for business models built on shared ownership and access.  It’s a somewhat more inclusive description of most of what we talk about when we talk about the sharing economy.

In this quick interview, I asked Jeremiah to talk about the collaborative economy – why it’s important, why it’s both a threat and an opportunity for traditional companies, and what it has to do with sustainability.


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  • http://web-strategist.com/blog Jeremiah Owyang

    It was an honor to be on Triple Pundit, thank you!

  • Lou Gutheil

    Jeremiah Owyang is much more than an analyst. He is a deep thinker with a unique ability to understand the realities, both present and future, of the growing Collaborative Economy and how it is changing the global economic landscape. If he were only an analyst, his research would be meaningless. But he is also a catalyst, in the sense that he is passionate about this economic evolution and how it can be leveraged by all. Perhaps the important, he is an evangelist who eloquently preaches the gospel of the Collaborative Economy so that more and more people and companies become aware of what is happening. Finally, he is a pragmatist. He helps companies and startups come together to develop practical ways to leverage the collaborative business model.