Triple Pundit periodically offers our readers “channels” on particular topics.  A channel is typically a 2-4 month media engagement that may or may not involve collaboration with a partner.  If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring a channel, please get in touch.

  • spons-terrapassThe new business guide to carbon offsetting.  Sponsored by Terrapass.
    Carbon offsetting gained international awareness back in 1997 with the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, but a lot has changed in the last seventeen years. Projects have matured, markets have developed and certifications have strengthened. Carbon offsetting can now be a key component of any corporate sustainability program, including the story that ties your program together. We’ll explain how.
  • testCR & Internet Security. Sponsored by SymantecThe future of business lies within a wholly digital and connected world. Without the right systems in place to manage and protect the enterprise, however, businesses run the risk of overexposure and vulnerability for exploitation. This presents a new mantra: if it’s connected, it must be protected. In this series, we will outline some of the data security challenges facing companies and showcase data protection as both a business and social imperative.
  • testThought Leadership in CSR (Continued).  Sponsored by CSRHUB
    CSRHUB’s top authors continue this year to contribute thought leadership pieces to the TriplePundit conversation.
  • fishSustainable Seafood. Sponsored by Future of Fish
    From overfishing and biodiversity loss to mislabeling and traceability woes, we’ll seek to shed light on what makes seafood sustainable and how fisheries and stakeholders prioritize competing issues. We’ll examine the impact of NGOs, startups and businesses on people and the planet, and we’ll take a look at the future of the industry.
  • LevisSustainably Attired – Exploring the Lifecycle of Fashion. Sponsored by Levi Strauss & CoIn this series we’ll take you through the lifecycle of fashion: from the design phase, through materials procurement, and product construction in a factory setting. We’ll also take a peek inside the consumer’s closet and look at how consumer demand influences the industry. Finally, we explore the leading second uses for worn-out garments and the future of the sustainable fashion movement as a whole.
  • i-paperUnderstanding Sustainable Forestry. Sponsored by International PaperIn this series, we’ll be discussing the state of the world’s forests and what currently threatens their health. We’ll also discuss what is being done to mitigate risk to forests, provide sustainable management of forest resources, and understand the complexity of this management. There are many factors driving problems such as deforestation, and many factors driving responsible forest management. We’ll be introducing you to them here.
  • VodafoneMobile Innovation
    – Addressing Social Problems With Mobile Technology
    . Sponsored by Vodafone America’s Foundation The goal of this series is to share examples of mobile innovation being used to address social problems. This series will explore mobile impact from all different angles: innovation, but also advocacy, funding and education – all the elements of “Mobile for Good.”
  • testBuilding Shared Value. Sponsored by Shared Value Initiative & FSGShared value is a management strategy focused on companies creating measurable business value by identifying and addressing social problems that intersect with their business. The shared value framework creates new opportunities for companies, civil society organizations, and governments to leverage the power of market-based competition in addressing social problems.
  • testThe Business of Bikes. Sponsored by People for Bikes
    At Triple Pundit we’ve long advocated the healthy, practical benefits of commuting and recreating by bicycle. A growing number of companies do too. This series hopes to build the business case for promoting cycling at the workplace and advocating for bicycle infrastructure.
  • testIntroduction to Environmental Justice. Sponsored by Skeo Solutions
    This series will share stories and strategies with the business and investor community on how to include equity concerns into their larger sustainability practices. By doing so, we hope to engage in a dialogue on how to create new partnerships and communities of opportunity.
  • testComing Soon: Thought leadership series. Sponsored by Bainbridge Graduate Institute
    Bainbridge Graduate Institute was founded to develop business solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges. BGI will work with TriplePundit this year to product a thought leadership series.
  • testWomen in CSR:  Edited by Andrea Newell.
    We wanted to delve deeper into the story of women in CSR. We decided to launch this series of interviews with leading CSR practitioners in order to understand what makes these women tick and how they found their way into sustainability careers
  • testSocial Entrepreneurship.  Sponsored by Hult International Business School.
    An experiential learning project to help students gain and present comprehensive knowledge of the world of social entrepreneurship. This series was written entirely by Hult students enrolled in professor David Flood’s Social Entrepreneur curriculum.
  • testIntelligent Buildings. Sponsored by Emerson  
    We explore the environmental and financial benefits of energy efficiency with a special focus on smart meters and smart climate control. The series seeks to define what makes a climate technology “smart” and showcase some of the latest technologies for reducing the energy load of buildings.
  • testThe Future of Fair Trade. Presented by Fair Trade USA
    The concluding months of 2011 were marked by a period of great change and innovation in the Fair Trade movement. In this series we explore the existing benefits of Fair Trade, and the great possibility that lies ahead as we begin to bring more farmers and workers into the system.
  • testRefrigerant Revolution Part II.  Sponsored by EOS Climate
    Last fall, we explored the history, policy backdrop, and key issues including R-22 phase-out, and implications for future sustainability. We continue with a series of posts focusing on multi-sector solutions to this global environmental challenge.
  • testThought Leadership in CSR (Continued).  Sponsored by CSRHUB
    CSRHUB’s top authors continue this year to contribute thought leadership pieces to the TriplePundit conversation.
  • testRise of the Sharing Economy: Sponsored by Wheelz and Crowd-funded.
    The “sharing economy” describes a type of business built on the sharing of resources – allowing customers to access goods when needed. Think AirBnb or Zipcar.  Download an eBook of the series here.
  • testRefrigerant Revolution Part I. Sponsored by EOS Climate.
    The growing impact of refrigerants on climate change continues to receive unprecedented media attention in The New York TimesBloomberg and other news outlets. EOS Climate and Triple Pundit tackle a series of posts on refrigerants and climate, exploring complexities in depth.
  • testThe Future of Biofuels.  Sponsored by Novozymes
    Biofuels create tremendous debate in sustainability circles – and often with misinformation. We welcome a debate on how the future should look – but, like you, believe it should be rooted in facts.
  • testCommunicating Corporate Responsibility.  Sponsored by AHA!
    From stakeholder engagement to CSR reporting, communication is a core part of any corporate responsibility program. This series explores why your company’s CR communications plan should go beyond the CSR report and give you tools to keep communication flowing all year long.
  • testPaper and Sustaianbility. Sponsored by Boise.
    Boise created CHOICES – a comprehensive sustainability initiative designed to educate, initiate conversation and offer answers to a variety of sustainability questions. This series introduces CHOICES and discusses responsible paper use.
  • testCorporate Volunteering.  Sponsored by Microedge
    This series looks at the business case for building a robust employee volunteer program. Employee volunteerism can benefit morale, the local community, and the bottom line. It’s an obvious, yet often overlooked aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • testInvesting for Income and Impact. Sponsored by HIP Investor
    Paul Herman looks at a new investment approach – one that seeks bigger profits that capitalists pursue while building a better world that do-gooders desire. The goal is to generate human impact and profit, or “HIP,” simultaneously.
  • testWhat is the social responsibility of business? Edited by Nick Aster
    Ever since Milton Friedman famously proclaimed “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits”, pundits have pondered whether his purist interpretation was really the only way.
  • testPresidio Student Blogging.
    Student letter-writing project for Capital Markets Class, fall 2012 and Economics 2012.  This project is part of an ongoing partnership with Presidio with 3p helping to create learning projects for students.
  • testCCA Student Blogging.
    Ongoing student writing project for the LiveE course at California College of the Arts’ dMBA program.  This project is part of an ongoing partnership with CCA with 3p helping to create learning projects for students.
  • testThe Future of Corporate Philanthropy.  Sponsored by Abbott
    This series explores the evolution of corporate philanthropy into a more strategic part of a robust CSR policy.  From giving to volunteerism, philanthropy is far more important than simply giving money away.
  • testData Center Efficiency. Sponsored by Microsoft
    TriplePundit has teamed up with Microsoft to present a series based on a recent Whitepaper entitled “The IT Energy Efficiency Imperative.” We have digested key points in the whitepaper into this 10 part weekly series
  • testThe Green Room.  Sponsored by BBMG
    Hosted by BBMG founding partner and chief creative officer Mitch Baranowski, each episode features a candid exchange with one guest about the issues behind scaling sustainability and driving social innovation.
  • testStakeholder Engagement.  Sponsored by Jurat
    This series explores how stakeholder engagement fits into a robust sustainability reporting process with an emphasis on the organizational practices and data management.
  • testPresidio Student Blogging.
    Student letter-writing project for Capital Markets Class, fall 2011, Marketing Spring 2011, and Economics 2011. This project is part of an ongoing partnership with Presidio with 3p helping to create learning projects for students.
  • testCCA Student Blogging.
    Ongoing student writing project for the LiveE course at California College of the Arts’ dMBA program.  This project is part of an ongoing partnership with CCA with 3p helping to create learning projects for students.