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Triple Pundit, a Certified B-Corporation, is a new-media company for highly conscious business leaders.  We have grown to become one of the world’s most well read websites on ethical, sustainable & profitable business with over 350,000 unique monthly readers.

Our philosophy is based on the triple bottom line – People, Planet & Profit.  The TBL argues that economy, environment and society are inseparably related and an understanding of all three is critical to long term profitability.

Our Community is a diverse group of businesspeople, from social entrepreneurs to corporate executives, MBA students to consultants, each dedicated to using the power of business for good.

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Through the sponsorship program, we’ve taken a progressive step to involve companies and organizations in the community. With this program our commitment to transparency through the disclosure of business relationships associated with posts remains unchanged. We will always provide information on the author and the sponsor of the content.

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Our Writing Team is a diverse group of journalists and social media veterans with a passion for socially responsible business.